Penn State Diploma Frames

I began creating the original artwork of the Nittany Lion in this frame as a freshman during mandatory student-athlete study hall. The drawing was a creative and meditative outlet that helped me express the successes and challenges I faced as a student and athlete. I proudly completed the Nittany Lion my senior year after our appearance in the 2000 Women’s Basketball Final Four.

Purchase your Penn State Diploma Frames today on-line or visit the Penn State Book Store Today!. Always a Lion will donate 22% of the proceeds from the sale of this diploma frame to support women’s sports at Penn State. It has always been my dream to give back to the institution that gave me so much and provide opportunities for other female athletes to reach their educational and athletic goals.

Women’s Basketball To Visit Spain in August 2018

Penn State would simply not be the University it is without Intercollegiate Athletics. Our proud tradition of fielding remarkable individuals and teams in competition is legendary. Penn State’s athletic programs bring students, alumni, and other fans together for entertainment and fellowship, and play an important role in student-athletes’ development, nurturing well-rounded graduates with the ability to balance academics and athletics to achieve good health and a solid education.

In most of our athletes’ careers, every two or four years, we schedule a travel-abroad opportunity for their team that allows them to visit a foreign country and compete against local teams. For example, the men’s baseball team traveled to Cuba last year, the football team competed in Ireland in 2014, and the women’s basketball team has visited countries in Europe in previous years. This gives student-athletes a unique cultural experience, with many of the benefits of a more traditional study-abroad opportunity, but with the added experience of traveling as a team and competing against their peers from another country. Because they are so valuable, these international competition trips are also excellent recruiting tools for prospective students.

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