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hooverStory behind the Always A Lion Diploma Frame

I began creating the original artwork of the Nittany Lion in this frame as a freshman during mandatory student-athlete study hall.  The drawing was a creative and meditative outlet that helped me express the successes and challenges I faced as a student and athlete.  I proudly completed the Nittany Lion my senior year after our appearance in the 2000 Women’s Basketball Final Four.

Each dot I placed on the paper was part of my journey towards graduation.  These dots also represent the lessons I learned as a member of the Penn State Lady Lion basketball team.  Look closely at each dot.  They are all different.  Some are better than others but not one of them is perfect.  Alone they would not accomplish anything of significance, but as each one was placed in the right spot they came together to complete the picture.   In a way, one of these dots represents you in the bigger picture of what we are.  We Are…Penn State

Once a Nittany Lion, Always a Nittany Lion

A Frame to Change the Game!

Always a Lion will donate 22% of the proceeds from the sale of this diploma frame to support women’s sports at Penn State.  It has always been my dream to give back to the institution that gave me so much and provide opportunities for other female athletes to reach their educational and athletic goals.


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